The most meaningful creative exercise I ever experienced occurred by my move to China, changing my environment, forcing different perspectives. The act of becoming a foreigner, outside the margins I was accustomed to, caused me to see things in a new way.

My work is a practice toward something not seen before -- at least in essence -- and whatever feeling it leaves you with. Archiving the impossible to achieve.

When I'm looking at faces, all I see are the eyes, but a face isn't a face with the eyes alone.

My work is inspired by a certain darkness that may imply a kind of ambiguity, an inherent avoidance of obviousness.

My intention (or not) is to simply capture compelling moments, or subjects in my time here on this physical, time based plane.

We are a species in which the sense of sight serves as the largest window to perceive the world through, but our perception has a much greater depth and complexity than what sight alone provides.

Photography is a way of trying to hold onto what is intangible.